Intelligent heating insole

In cold winter, or in the ice and snow outdoor sports. A warm insole, silent fever, keep the foot temperature. All feel warm. It can protect your feet, warm your body, high mountains, far away, with you.

Large capacity lithium battery combined with intelligent power control can make the product use longer. The shoe pad can communicate with the mobile phone, and the status of the insole can be viewed through the mobile phone APP, and the remaining power can be checked. When the electricity is low, the phone will remind the charging. This product also has wireless charging function, users can easily charge, realize the combination of science and technology and experience.


  First, product application:

  Skiing, skating and other outdoor sports in winter.

  Mountaineering, Alice and other outdoor activities crowd.

  Cold hands and feet, chills body deficiency in the elderly.

  Winter wear dresses, shorts and amy.

  Two. Functional characteristics

  Intelligent heating mode

  Set the intelligent mode, automatically determine whether the user is using insoles, automatically open and close the heating pad wireless charging function;

  Wireless charging function

  Put the insole on the special charging board, without physical connection, it can be charged directly;

  Setting heating temperature

  Mobile phone APP set temperature range (35-45 degrees), when the temperature is lower than 35 degrees automatic heating, when the temperature reaches 45 degrees, stop heating;

  Electricity display and low power reminder

  When the mobile phone APP connection, display the power value, when the battery is too low, remind the charging;

  Optimized heating algorithm

  Built in intelligent heating algorithm, automatic adjustment, Ting long heating time.