Vehicle positioning terminal V210,V220

  V210 type GPRS/GSM GPS Beidou dual-mode intelligent terminal (mobile terminal) built-in industrial grade GPRS/GSM communication module and high receiving sensitivity of the latest GPS positioning module, using GPRS and SMS double mode communication terminal, stable and reliable operation, full function, interface, widely used in concrete, rental, logistics, public transportation, bus dangerous goods, car, car rental and other different fields, but also according to different industries, different user requirement.




  Main features

  1. terminal small size, easy installation;

  2. GPS Beidou Positioning accuracy is high, dynamic positioning deviation is less than 5 meters;

  3. support GSM under SMS and voice function, UDP/TCP protocol communication under GPRS state;

  4. support GPS data timing upload and roll call function;

  5. support voice calls and voice hands-free function;

  6. support group telephone dialing function;

  7. supports SMS sending and receiving and sending and receiving GPRS messages;

  8. support silence;

  9. support authorized remote monitoring function;

  10. support high and low voltage protection function;

  11. support 3 high and low level signal detection function;

  12. support blind area complement transfer function;

  13. support remote lock vehicle function;

  14. support emergency alarm function;

  15. support power-off alarm function;

  16. support high voltage alarm and undervoltage alarm function;

  17. support overspeed alarm function;

  18. support parking alarm function;

  19. support illegal open door, illegal start alarm function;

  20. support in and out area alarm;

  21. support fatigue driving alarm;

  22. support oil quantity detection function (directly install oil quantity sensor, ultrasonic oil quantity sensor or oil quantity collector);

  23. support oil quantity change alarm;

  24. support mileage statistics function;

  25. also supports three serial peripherals (such as car handle, scheduling screen, camera, LED advertising screen, intelligent voice broadcast device, LCD navigation screen, etc.);