RESIVE Fuel consumption management system

  For the operation of many vehicle enterprises, fuel consumption is a key factor affecting the operation cost, because it is easy to affected by multiple factors and inconvenient management, especially for large transport vehicles, especially engineering vehicles and special vehicles.


  Because this part of the industry vehicles are often multi fuel tank, fuel consumption, a small amount of fuel consumption volatility is not easy to detect, there are gaps in management. On the other hand, more dispersed vehicles work in remote areas, long working hours and complex working conditions, managers are difficult to direct supervision. Our platform on the original vehicle GPS positioning monitoring system, according to the application characteristics of the vehicle fuel consumption management, developed a set of solutions for fuel consumption, for enterprises to improve the cost management level, reduce fuel consumption, bring significant effect.

  RESIVE fuel consumption management system is based on GPS vehicle positioning system based on the realization of the service system, vehicle monitoring information for the purpose of the system, with the GPS intelligent terminal, oil quantity sensor, can timely obtain the location information of the vehicle, the mileage data and other basic data, real-time monitoring of vehicle fuel consumption, to avoid stealing oil spill. Is the enterprises meticulous management of vehicles, reduce vehicle operation cost of a good assistant.


  Application characteristics:

  1, the fuel consumption management system according to the oil tank structure and the use of vehicles, with sensors in the tank itself, including type capacitance fuel sensor, resistance type oil quantity sensor, ultrasonic oil quantity sensor, through real-time acquisition of oil level height and upload to GPS intelligent terminal.

  2, if there is a OBD interface on the vehicle, the fuel consumption management system can directly connect the vehicle OBD interface with the OBD interface of the GPS intelligent terminal to obtain the fuel consumption data in the driving computer.

  3, a GPS intelligent terminal can be received up to 8 oil quantity sensor that can simultaneously connect 8 tank data, very suitable for special vehicles mounted multiple tank, can simplify the number of installed equipment, reduce the cost and complexity of user management.

  4, fuel management platform can automatically monitor vehicle fuel tank oil change and fuel consumption, and generate curves and related data reports, when the oil quantity change is abnormal, the platform sends alarm information, notify the management personnel. Managers can analyze the fuel consumption through historical data, so as to improve the use of vehicles, so as to reduce fuel consumption, control the cost of purpose. The platform also supports capacitance fuel sensor, resistance type oil quantity sensor, ultrasonic sensor and OBD fuel oil data processing, fuel consumption can generate daily, weekly and monthly reports, fuel consumption and mileage data comprehensive visual presentation to management personnel.

  5, fuel consumption management alarm list can present overspeed alarm, cross-border alarm, fatigue driving alarm, fuel consumption abnormal alarm and other alarm information.


  Product features

  1. oil collection interface flexible

  2. real time monitoring

  3. fuel consumption abnormal alarm

  4. fuel consumption report


  Engineering case

  Intelligent management and monitoring project of Jianghan Oilfield

  Project background

  Jianghan Oilfield, as an important comprehensive oil base in central and southern China, has contributed a lot to the development of China's petroleum industry. In order to ensure the smooth progress of oil mining and transportation, the companies affiliated to Jianghan Oilfield have many teams, which play a huge role in the long-term development.

  However, due to the large number of teams, complex personnel, vehicle fuel consumption problems can not be quantified, often a huge oil consumption, oil spills, oil spills, private bus and other issues, which caused a lot of additional costs. With the promotion of the national policy, the standard operation of the vehicle, the standard operation of the personnel, has become an urgent problem to be solved.

  project implementation

  The beginning of 2013, Jianghan Oilfield drilling team subordinate, fracturing team, test team, the team intends to enter the standard unified management reform, in 2013 to the end of 2014, rise for companies to use their technical superiority, establish the perfect function and convenient management of fuel consumption monitoring system as part of the team of Jianghan oilfield.

  The system can view the position of the vehicle real-time statistics, mileage and fuel consumption, fuel consumption report detailed to avoid occurrence of stealing oil leaking, to regulate the management team and staff played a good role, but also provides a better basis for the management of managers. The following is the comparison of the system before and after use:

Before adoption

After adoption

High management cost

Information technology reduces management costs

1 car average monthly fuel consumption cost 17 thousand

Fuel consumption reduced by 30%

High cost of car

The overall cost of the car is reduced by 20%

The phenomenon of stealing oil is forbidden repeatedly.

The phenomenon of stealing oil was obviously reduced.

Manual record report

Automatic generation of various fuel mileage reports


  Project value

  RESIVE fuel consumption management system can reduce management costs, improve the efficiency of supervision, standardize operations, to provide more convenience for the management of modern enterprises.