China has entered an aging society, many independent elderly need care. An intelligent GPS positioning insole allows children to silently care for the elderly.


 RESIVE Intelligent GPS positioning insole, when the old man fell down, lost the crisis, can be the first time to let children and caregivers know. If you are lost, you can use GPS to find the current position of the elderly. We for smart GPS positioning insoles can also record the daily activities of the elderly, and set the daily reminder, remind caregivers for the elderly to take medicine, exercise and other matters. GPS positioning insole through wireless charging is convenient for the elderly to use, and has intelligent energy consumption function, to achieve a long standby time.

  First, product application:


  People who need care for illness

  Minors in need of care

  Two. Functional characteristics

  Cutting design: size can be cut, suitable for more sizes

  Mobile settings: set parameters and functions through mobile phone APP.

  Fall reminder: when the elderly fall, will give the relevant mobile phone alarm.

  Lost alarm: you can set the normal area of the elderly, if far away from the area will alarm.

  Lost find: through GPS positioning, find the present position of the elderly.

  Sports records: record the data of the elderly movement, and form statements.

  Reminder: today's amount of exercise is not enough, or too much exercise will prompt. Take medicine / blood pressure warning.

  Blind zone supplement: when there is no GSM signal, the data is saved, and the storage information is sent to the signal recovery.

  Intelligent power consumption: open and close the device by sensor intelligence.

  Wireless charging: charging through the charging board, no plug in power, convenient for the elderly charging.

  Charging tips: when the electricity is less than the minimum amount of electricity, product mobile phone APP push charging tips. (mobile phones are in the custody of children), APP will show the current power.

三、Product function list

 Main function

Sub function

Function description

Remote monitoring function

Real time location query

Querying the real-time status of insoles

Timing report of location data

According to the requirements of customers to set the location data reporting interval

Status (version) query

 The platform can remotely query terminal status (version) information

Movement and static state display

The platform client can show that the current insole is in motion or static state

battery electric power display

The platform client can display the remaining power of the insole

Alarm function

Alarm in and out of the area

The restricted area is set on the platform, and the alarm platform is monitored when the insole is in and out of the setting area

Sports fall alarm

When the insole is in motion state, the shoe pad can alarm the monitoring platform when the outlet falls

Low battery alarm

When the battery power is less than 20%, the insole can alarm the monitoring platform



Work mode

Mode I (minimum power)

In this mode, the positioning module will be completely dormant after the initial positioning, and the location report data only sends LBS (base station) positioning data. This mode is the minimum power consumption mode.

Mode two (normal power dissipation)

This work mode positioning module in the intermittent working condition, when the position data on the open time for a short time GPS module, positioning module to obtain effective positioning data open again immediately after the closure of the GPS module until the next report location information. (this mode is factory default mode)

Mode three (maximum power dissipation)

 In this mode, the positioning module will be in a working state, and this mode is the maximum power consumption mode.

Work mode remote configuration

Users can send configuration commands through SMS or monitoring platform to configure the insole terminal mode.


GPRS long connection

After the insole is powered, the GPRS long connection state can be maintained. The monitoring platform can send commands and insole interaction at any time.

Local clock automatic calibration


The insole corrects the real time clock of the machine by positioning the time intelligently.


LBS aided positioning

The insole reports the information of GSM cell base station to the monitoring platform for auxiliary positioning.

AGPS fast positioning

Using AGPS to speed up terminal search star positioning.